Making Men - Five Steps To Growing Up AUDIOBOOK

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Every boy asks himself these questions: "When do I become a man? What do I have to do to prove myself? Am I tough enough? Will I ever know for sure?" Guys set out to answer those questions in a myriad of ways. Muscles. Cars. Women. Money. They spend their lives collecting things to show the world their status as a man. Most of them never find the true meaning of manhood. Women want to know the answers to those questions also, in order to choose a man who will protect, provide for and cherish them. Judging from the terrible relationships in which many women end up, it is clear they also need desperately to know what manhood looks like. Throughout history, cultures have striven to codify manhood through rites and rituals. Looking carefully, one can tease out a common thread from this ancient wisom. The timeless standard of manhood looks something like this: A man submits to his purpose. He values things rightly He improves the world around him. He dies to his own desires He engages in all areas of life.  

Making Men is a curriculum for training boys to be men.  Even boys who are grown and married already.  This unabridged recording runs 3.5 hours and is read by the author.