February 11-13 Medical Training Weekend at Maple Fork Lodge with Sky Barkley from Free Burma Rangers

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Real crisis events never take place in a controlled environment and involve much more than firearms training. This three-day training event will focus on combat medical care, stop the bleed and firearms training with one of the most experienced combat medics around - Sky Barkley of the Free Burma Rangers.

Sky can be seen in the Free Burma Rangers movie fighting through Mosul with FBR during the worst of the fight against ISIS.  Short on medics, Sky spent more than a year in the thick of it, learning how to save lives.  A former US Marine who had already seen his share of combat in Iraq, the fight against ISIS took his abilities to another level.  
Sky will be conducting the training February 11-13.  An additional day for practice with your firearms will be included in the weekend February 10 for those who want to get in some time on the range. 
The training will take place at Maple Fork Lodge, one of the finest family-run lodges on the Eastern seaboard. The finely-appointed log home accommodates up to 35 people in a comfortable, intimate setting, with an 11-lane pistol range, as well as carbine, rifle, and shotgun ranges.
Slots are limited, so don't wait. $400 per person includes tuition, food, and accommodations. Bring your weapon, hearing and eye protection, and 300 rounds of ammunition.

It will be a great weekend, suitable for anyone 16 and up. Bring your sons and daughters.
February 10 Thursday: Range day.  Bring your weapon and get in some firearms training. A Range master will be provided for safety.

Feb 11th Friday

12pm to 4pm
- Pray
- introduction (why medical skills are so important, especially in combat)
- Mitigating illness in the field (importance of field hygiene, nutrition, physical fitness.
- WARRIOR MINDSET- Win the fight, self treat, buddy treat, corpsman treat.
- MEDIC MINDSET- Calm, Assertive, Unshaken.
- Train like you fight. (Same goes for practicing medical. Make good dressings. If it looks good, probably is good.)
- Aid and litter carry (single and two person carries. Improvised stretchers. Proper lifting techniques.)

Saturday 12th February
- Pray
- Assessing scene/casualty
- Intro to XABCD
- Xtreme hemorrhage (Combat Application Tourniquet/Improvised tourniquets) Use of shock pads to train self application?
- Improvised Tourniquet techniques
- Junctional Bleeding (axillary pocket)
- Thoracic Trauma
- Abdominal Trauma

Sunday 13th February
- Broken bones and Splinting
Questions? email us at mapleforklodge@gmail.com
We look forward to seeing you there!