Armenia: A Love Story Pasadena Premiere

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 Armenia: A Love Story is a documentary about Redemption. 

In this story, two American teenagers, Mark Tomlet and Amy Holton learn about Armenia's history and culture after Amy's war correspondent father goes there to cover the conflict in 2020. Driven by their newfound interest, the friends embark on a life-changing series of journeys to Armenia, where they visit the war zone and embrace a deep connection to the land and its people.  In the process, a serendipitous turn of events causes many lives to be changed forever.

This ticket allows entry to the Pasadena, California world premiere showing on 6 July, 2023 at the Armenian General Benevolent Union at 2495 E. Mountain Street, Pasadena, CA.  You can purchase a ticket even if you aren't planning to attend, and we will gift the proceeds to Armenians affected by the war.

A portion of all the proceeds from the movie will go to benefit non-profits who are working to help Armenia.