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  • Tammy J McDermitt

    Hello, I wanted to make you aware there is a stalker to me using your pictures. I told him I felt uncomfortable when he reached out to me on LinkedIn, and he is still pursuing me sent me these pictures. I want nothing from you, just wanted you to know I hope you can stop it somehow. I will block this psycho. LinkedIn has my email and personal information, I thought was safe as I am out of work trying to network and get a job. Apparently nowhere is safe. I am scared and I just don’t want anything to happen to me or to you. I don’t know how far these kinds of people take things, but I am terrified, I called the police they said I can only block him they cannot do anything, there is zero help I guess until he would hurt me which is so unfair and honestly terrifying to me. Yes, I am gullible, I refuse to take off my rose-colored glasses because if I lose faith in my fellow human being, I will lose myself. I cannot send you the emails on here. He is going by the name of Albert Rossi he said in his emails after I asked, he leave me alone this is for employment networking only and I am not interested in anything else. Below is the email he sent and attached three pictures of you. One standing with a person in army uniform, an airborne sign with eagle under its emblem, you are pointing at the person, you in all tan army uniform, 2nd one is you with headphones on in a military place I assume, last a picture of you with the ceiling above your head so a selfie I assume. After he reached out the first time, I sent the following email then he responded with your bio basically a different name, very scary to me, I wanted someone to know so if something happens, I did try to get help from the police. He did not respect my boundaries, in my past means this man is dangerous to me. Sorry to bother you with this, again I want nothing, just make you aware someone is using your identity.

    Tammy McDermitt <>
    Aug 12, 2022, 12:26 PM (1 day ago)
    to Albert

    Thank you for explaining.

    I do feel uncomfortable. My Linkedin is strictly for business purposes, networking for employment and helping others professionally. I want to keep it that way.

    Thank you for respecting my boundaries.

    Albert Rossi
    11:02 AM (2 hours ago)
    to me

    Hi Tammy,

    How are you doing, hope you had a great weekend?
    I hope this mail finds you well. First of all, I would like to introduce myself, I am Lieutenant Colonel Albert Rossi of the United States Army. I will be 53 on May 10th. I am still in active service and currently stationed in Syria. Before now, we have been in Afghanistan but redeployed here after the Taliban took over
    I have been widowed for 10 years and it gets harder by the day to be alone. I was born in Italy to American parents. My father was working and living in Italy at the time. I lived in Italy until I was 8 years old before I moved to the United States with my mother. I hold dual citizenship in both Italy and the United States. I have lived in Teaneck – New Jersey, Cleveland – Ohio, Meyerland – Houston – Texas, and now I live in Washington, DC. I am a Christian, a Roman Catholic which is an important part of my life. I joined the US Military when I was 20, it was driven by my passion to serve our great nation and to protect the innocent people of the world. As a military officer, my work is very demanding and has made me travel all over the world, Mexico, Japan, the UK, Singapore, Germany, Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, Syria, Korea, and right now in Afghanistan.

    My friends say I am humble, understanding, friendly, funny and some just say I am a good friend with a basic understanding and value of true friendship but I think spontaneous is a word to describe me. I am an easy-going man with lots of respect for women because I know what importance they play in our lives either as a mother or as a wife.

    I am a kind, caring, fun-loving, and romantic guy that is always open to meeting new people. There is a common saying that says “You can’t have a good friend without meeting strangers” and I consider it to be true. I enjoy going to the public place with friends, meals out, cinema, theatre, walks along the beach, cycling, and playing/watching different sports. I love art and painting, it is one of my favourite pastimes. I enjoy listening to good music and reading books. Brian Tracy is one of my favourite Authors. My achievement with my profession at its peak means nothing to me until I can have someone to share my dreams with. I love to travel. I have travelled to a few countries both for work and for pleasure.

    I enjoy swimming and exploring nature on the walking trails of the state parks. I love to spend time walking on paths in natural gorges with running water and waterfalls. I love animals. I don’t smoke, drink socially, and have a very straight sexual orientation. I love to go tent camping in the woods if the time ever occurs though. I also love taking a jet ski out on the lake! If I am home, I really do enjoy yard work taking care of the bushes, flowers, and cutting the grass, I take pride in my lawn. If I am out on the town during the evenings I like to go to established bars NOT with a rowdy crowd, not trendy, flashy, high dollar new places, someplace where I can go and play some darts or pool. I suck at both, but I enjoy pretending I know how to play and let the women win lol.

    Oops, I guess I am talking too much already. I’m looking forward to knowing more about you in time.



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  • Mike H

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